Is temporary car insurance legit?

Your best option for obtaining temporary coverage is to buy a six-month policy and then cancel it when you no longer need it. You might find lesser-known insurers that advertise one-day or weekly car insurance, but be careful, as they could be a scam or offer insufficient coverage.

Is temporary car insurance legit?

Your best option for obtaining temporary coverage is to buy a six-month policy and then cancel it when you no longer need it. You might find lesser-known insurers that advertise one-day or weekly car insurance, but be careful, as they could be a scam or offer insufficient coverage. By contrast, major auto insurance companies typically sell semi-annual or annual policies. Standard auto insurance companies generally don't offer temporary car insurance coverage, at least not for short periods, such as a few days or a week.

However, depending on why you need coverage (for example, if you're traveling, using a car-sharing service, or don't have a car but want to avoid an interruption in coverage), you may have some options available. USAA scores high in claim satisfaction with multifaceted coverage. Since 1922, the San Antonio, Texas company has been defending its members of the U.S. military, offering insurance for cars, homes, life, renters, condominiums and motorcycles, among many other product offerings.

It has made a name for itself with comprehensive coverage and excellent customer service for its more than 13 million members, but there's one important caveat: membership is limited. To benefit from everything the USAA offers, you must be on active duty, be a member of the Reserve, be a military student, cadet or midshipman. Membership is also allowed for veterans, spouses and children. With USAA, you'll enjoy low prices with tons of additional discount opportunities.

Its main drawback is that you have to be in the military to benefit from this exceptional level of customer service and support, but if you can qualify, there's comprehensive coverage for all your usual and unique insurance needs, with a long list of additional discounts to choose from that can reduce your already low insurance premiums, making it our best overall option. Get temporary personalized coverage with Nationwide's specialized insurance coverage for classic and collector cars. Nationwide incorporates well-thought-out coverage for your collector car, as it offers guaranteed value coverage that will pay the full insurable amount after the deductible and fixed prices for the limited use of the car without specific mileage limits, giving it first place in the collector car category. Nationwide also states that its classic car insurance is up to 43% cheaper than the standard car policy, and you can also take advantage of its decreasing deductible, which reduces your deductible through its SmartRide safe driving program.

With Nationwide, it's easy to bundle your insurance policies together because there are so many coverage options. Once you cover your classic car, check out insurance options for other vehicles, such as your boat, motorhome, travel trailer, or motorhome. There is also insurance for pets and even for your wedding. Choose from Allstate's roadside assistance options so you're never left without help in an emergency.

Allstate keeps you in good hands during emergencies, with a safety-oriented approach to car insurance that ensures that you have help when you need it, making it our best choice for driving in case of emergency. Allstate is available in all 50 states, but it had its humble beginnings in 1931 as a provider of mail-order auto insurance. It has become a leading insurance provider with a presence across the country and thousands of agents to provide in-person support. Allstate covers several types of insurance, including standard home, life and car insurance, as well as less common types of coverage, such as condo, small business, identity, off-road vehicle and event insurance.

Allstate even has robust system coverage, a rare feature among insurance providers. You can further customize your policy with the addition of roadside assistance and guaranteed asset protection (GAP) coverage. AM Best affirms the credit ratings of Allstate Corporation and its major subsidiaries. Borrowed car insurance works similar to standard car insurance, but it's available when you're driving a car that you don't own.

If you have an auto insurance policy for your vehicle in your home country, that coverage generally also extends to rental cars, although be sure to contact your insurer before leaving for your road trip to make sure. Your credit card may also offer car rental coverage, although many cards offer secondary coverage and require you to first file a claim with your personal insurance company. You can also get a temporary car insurance policy when renting a car through your credit card or from the car rental company. If you use your own car for custom work for companies like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash or Grubhub, your personal car insurance policy probably won't cover you if you have an accident in the course of your work.

Coverage options include insurance for your motorcycle or motorhome, in addition to the usual homeowners, renters and life insurance that are most commonly found. If you have a car that you only drive occasionally, you can save money if you sign up for a pay-per-mile insurance plan. Depending on the insurer, you may or may not be able to add a person who doesn't live in your home to your car insurance policy. Again, if you rent a car with a credit card, most cards offer what's called secondary coverage, meaning it doesn't take effect until you file a claim with your personal insurance policy (if you have one).

Check with the company before renting a car to find out if insurance is covered in the cost of rent or if tenants have to purchase it separately. However, if you drive a borrowed car relatively frequently, you may need to get a car insurance policy for people other than the owner. The more policies you have, the more you save, as GEICO offers additional discounts when you insure multiple vehicles and have multiple policies, making it the first place in coverage for multiple cars. If you're a college student returning home for the summer and you plan to drive one of the family's vehicles during that time, you can decide to take out insurance other than the owner or ask the policyholder to add you to their car insurance policy.